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    Choose your style and how much styling guidance you want...

    Casual Lolita Looks

    A quick and easy Reverie ® for Hair, Make-up, fashion, accessories, and shoes.

    Going out to lunch with friends or want to dress up for a Sunday brunch? These looks are simpler for everyday, but still fit your preferred Lolita or J-Fashion style. Minimum 1 hour consultation.

    Special Events

    Bridal, Black Tie Events, Over-the-Top Lolita, etc...

    For more extravagant looks, I will create a total head to toe electronic style-board, which I call a Reverie ®. This will include props and accessories. I will then research where you can find and purchase each item to make your Reverie ® into reality! 1 photo is included by client request (digital or glossy print). You set the due date for your Reverie ® and final styling appointment and I work within that time-frame. Minimum 2.5 hour consultation with follow-up meetings as needed.

    Photo: Lia Leslie

    Your Personal Aesthetic

    Contemporary fashion, Business wear, etc...

    You are both a canvas and a work of art! A custom-made Reverie ® based on your choice of style, color, and level of detail. Minimum 2 hour consultation.


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